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Motivation for the End of the School Year

Kids Eating Ice Cream

The school year is quickly coming to an end, the weather is getting warmer and kids are getting restless!  For parents, the last few weeks before summer break can feel like a marathon trying to keep kids from completely checking out mentally.  In this blog, I will share a few tips that parents can do at home to keep kids motivated in the classroom until the last day of school.  

Let Them Go Outside

It’s hard to compete with a beautifully warm, sunny day.  So, don’t!  Go for a walk with your child afterschool, consider signing them up for an outdoor sports league or nature club, take a weekend day trip hiking at a nearby nature preserve or even let them do their homework outside! Quenching your child’s thirst for being outside while at home will help maintain their attention stamina and help them continue to focus on learning in the classroom.   

Keep Up the Routine

The days are longer and summer activities have already begun, but it is important to continue the normal, school-year routine that you have had all year long.  Stay consistent with a homework schedule, dinner time, bedtime, wake up time, and any other daily activities that your child is used to.  This will help keep your child in the school-year mode and maintain their focus.

Provide Incentives

Don’t underestimate the motivating power of a little reward.  A trip to the ice cream shop or a little extra screen time can go a long way in helping your child continue to put forth their best effort until the last day of school.  Working with your child to set a goal and choose the reward will give them ownership and they will be more likely to follow through. 

In closing, with the school year coming to an end, I hope you put these ideas into practice to help your child maintain focus until the last day of school.  Not only will these tips keep your child from completely mentally checking out from the classroom,  but they will also help YOU maintain your sanity!