About Exceed in Learning | Reading Instruction & Tutoring
About Exceed in Learning

Teaching children to read with confidence

Our certified teachers have a large variety of experiences in teaching children from ages 5-12. Find the right fit for your child.

Exceed in Learning is here to help your child, whether it is learning to read or increase their fluency and comprehension. We use different approaches for each child to find the best solution that works. Each student is evaluated, and a plan is created to find success in reading.

Phonemic Awareness and Sight Words

Phonemic Awareness is the ability to hear and manipulate sounds. It is an important foundation for learning to read. Learning sight words brings the child more independence in reading and gives more context for comprehension.    


Phonics is the relationship between spoken sounds and written language. Children need phonics instruction to decode words and we teach them how to do that through a systematic scope and sequence. 

Fluency and Comprehension

Improving fluency directly improves comprehension. We use proven techniques to teach your child to read with fluency and intonation.

What Makes Us Different?

We are more than tutors. We are experience, certified teachers. We know how children learn and we help your child find their own success.

We Offer

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Schedule individual or group classes specifically designed to improve fluency and comprehension.