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An Effective Approach to Reading, Writing, Spelling and Math Instruction

Your child deserves better than a tutor. We are trained and certified teachers who have a heart for teaching children. We are here to help your child find success.
One To One

One-To-One Online Instruction

We offer individualized instruction to meet the specific needs of your child. Students meet with teachers via Zoom from the comforts of home. Quality instruction is given through tiered research-based interventions.

30 Minute Classes

30-40 Minute Classes

Class time is structured to each child’s individual growth.  All students will have access to leveled readers and qualified teachers to help them succeed in reading, as well as guided instruction that leads to independent practice.


Professional Assessments

We offer assessments in all areas of reading development through research-based evaluation. Our teachers have been trained in Press Assessments, Dibels, Aimsweb, DRA, FastBridge, and more. You will have a written evaluation in your inbox within 24 hours.

About Exceed in Learning

At Exceed in Learning, certified teachers work with you to assess your child’s strengths and find the areas of reading development that we can work on together. We use a systematic approach and develop goals as a team to help your child achieve success in reading. It is our goal to help your child feel confident and positive about reading and we work hard to ensure success.

Exceed In Learning Book

Exceed In Learning Books

Jennifer Smith wrote books that are designed to focus on phonics and other fundamentals for new readers. In addition, they provide easy and fun ways for young students to learn. They are built for practice and repeated use, making them an affordable, practical option for parents. 

Start Reading Today.

Schedule a free 30-minute Reading Assessment to assess your child’s reading level and strengths, and identify improvement areas.