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What is Your Middle Schooler Reading?

Teenager Reading

Let’s face it, the life of a middle schooler is crazy busy between after school activities, homework, screentime  and friends.  The transition from preteen to teenage years is challenging and it may seem like getting your kids to do their homework is enough to put you over the edge.  But, maintaining a reading routine for kids at this age is also very important.  At this age, our kids are not only reading to learn, but they are also figuring out what they are interested in and teachers and parents need to cultivate and nurture this interest.  In this blog, we will explore a few ways to keep your middle schooler interested in reading. 

Let Your Child Pick What They Read

It is so interesting to watch kids choose their own reading material.  Some kids gravitate toward nonfiction, others toward graphic novels, still others toward science fiction and fantasy.  Whatever genre they are interested in, be sure to encourage their reading interests and provide access to the books they enjoy reading. 

Stay Informed Together

Thanks to social media outlets, kids today are hyper-aware of what is happening in the world.  As a result, parents need to be just as informed.  It is important to discuss current events around the world with our kids.  Ask your kids how they feel about the headlines.  Encourage them to ask questions and form their own opinions, based on the facts.  

Know What They’re Reading

Life moves pretty fast.  As a parent, it is daunting to try and keep up with the apps that kids are using, let alone the books they are reading. But, keeping up with what your kids are reading is so important!  If possible, read a few pages of their books yourself so that you can have a conversation about the books together.  Being familiar with what they are reading also gives you an idea of whether or not your child’s book is appropriate for their grade and reading level.

In closing, reading remains a fundamental skill even more so as our children get older.  Often, parents become more hands-off with homework and other academic routines as children enter middle school because kids are expected to shoulder the responsibility themselves.  However, maintaining a reading routine even as children progress through grade levels is essential for helping them continue to increase their knowledge, and explore their interests through a variety of texts.