July 2021 - Exceed in Learning


July 2021
Tortoise And Hare
Consistency vs Intensity We’ve all heard the saying, “Slow and Steady Wins the Race.”  You may have read the familiar story of the Tortoise and the Hare to your children.  We all know how the slow but determined tortoise defeats the fast but overconfident hare.  The message and moral of this classic story also relate...
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Road Trip
If you have a family road trip this summer and are starting to get worried about the long journey, take a look at some great ways to pass the time!  There are a lot of fun games to play with your kids that are entertaining for people of all ages.  Who knows, it may even...
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Family Games
We all know that most kids are fans of games – as well as many adults!  When our kids go through preschool, we probably hear how they use play-based learning.  This is how kids learn turn-taking, basic math skills, sentence structure, etc.  However, for some reason, once children reach school age, the idea of “learning...
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When students are learning new math topics, we often hear the infamous question, “When will I use this again?”  This is a question that all parents and teachers have probably heard from time to time, especially with older students. There are some advanced topics that may be brushed to the side once the textbook closes...
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