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Boys With Books
Last week, I introduced the topic of background knowledge and how important it is to kids reading and learning success.  This week, I will share some engaging strategies parents can try to support kids in expanding their knowledge base. But, I have to warn you…these tips might turn your kids into VORACIOUS knowledge seekers! If...
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Family Vaca
Kids are just beginning to understand the world, but their knowledge is limited. This makes sense because they have had fewer experiences than adults. But, with fewer experiences to draw upon, making connections and learning can be challenging. In this week’s blog we are going to talk about the importance of background knowledge, the information...
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Child Reading A Book
Once children learn to decode and read the words on the page, the next step in this process is comprehension.  If readers can read the words on the page, but do not understand what they are reading, they are not really reading.  Comprehension is the goal of reading.  It is the thinking process that readers...
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