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Place Value
Place value… this is a skill that is so crucial for a solid math foundation.  Place value is taught from kindergarten all the way up through 5th grade in the elementary years.  If you take a look at the Common Core standards, the category “Numbers and Operations” are in every grade level. Understanding place value becomes...
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Most people think that picture books are for subjects such as reading, science, social studies… you know, the subjects that don’t involve numbers.  There actually are picture books out there for virtually any subject, even math.  Picture books are a great way to make math come alive in a way that is engaging for children....
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Mental Math Pic
If a child has math facts memorized early on in elementary school, this adds a tremendous advantage to their learning.  When children are able to add and subtract basic math facts fluently, this will help them with more advanced concepts.  Beyond memorizing, understanding mental strategies will help improve their self-confidence.  Let’s take a look at...
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Dot Cards.001
Subitizing – What is this word?  As an upper elementary teacher, this was a word that was not in my teaching repertoire.  In grades 3, 4, and 5, we were more focused on multiplication, division, fractions, etc.  However, after looking into this, I can see how this “subitizing” concept could have helped some of my...
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Family Games
We all know that most kids are fans of games – as well as many adults!  When our kids go through preschool, we probably hear how they use play-based learning.  This is how kids learn turn-taking, basic math skills, sentence structure, etc.  However, for some reason, once children reach school age, the idea of “learning...
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When students are learning new math topics, we often hear the infamous question, “When will I use this again?”  This is a question that all parents and teachers have probably heard from time to time, especially with older students. There are some advanced topics that may be brushed to the side once the textbook closes...
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10 Fingers
I find myself working a lot with my daughter on math facts now that she understands the concept of addition.  There are so many tricks and strategies that students are taught.  It can be hard to prioritize what to master first.  One set of facts that we have been working on are different ways to...
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