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Spelling Practice Fun

Spelling Bee

Our school recently hosted a Spelling Bee for our 4th through 8th grade students.  I sat in amazement watching these brave students stand in front of their peers and parents and spell words ranging in difficulty.  Some of the words the students had to spell I hadn’t even heard of…and I consider myself a proficient speller!   For some children, spelling is a breeze.  For others, however, spelling is a real struggle and a cause of frustration in many households.  How can parents help make spelling fun for kids?  In this blog, I will share a few ways to turn spelling practice into an activity that your child will look forward to.  

Magnetic Letters

Do you still have those fun, brightly colored magnetic letters from when your child was a toddler, learning the alphabet?  Instead of having these letters collect dust on your fridge, have your child use them to practice their spelling words! When you are in the kitchen together making dinner, emptying the dishwasher, or making the next day’s lunch, call out a word and have your child use magnetic letters to spell it.  

Mnemonic Devices

Does your child have some tricky words on their weekly spelling list?  Try creating a mnemonic device, or saying, to help them remember the word.  For example:  tail – The alligator is laughing.  The key is to make the sentences memorable. 

Shaving Cream

Kids really love this activity and it leaves your work area smelling great!  Squirt some shaving cream on the table and have your child spread it out evenly.  Give your child a spelling word and have them practice spelling it with their finger in the shaving cream.  

In closing, spelling practice doesn’t have to be boring.  Change up your child’s spelling practice routine by incorporating these engaging activities!

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