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Reading Routines

Family Reading Time

Summer is coming to an end.  No more playing until the street lights come on (Is that still a THING?), catching fireflies at twilight, or just staying up super late.  Now that kids are back in school, we, as parents, need to bring back school year routines and structure.  One way I eased my kids back into the school year was by creating a routine for reading.  In this blog, I will describe three easy ways to establish a sustainable reading habit for your kids.  

Family Reading Time

If you want your young one to understand and value reading, you must model that behavior.  If you can, I suggest devoting at least 20 minutes a day, preferably the same time every evening, to family reading time.  Make it part of your daily routine.  And don’t be afraid to get the family pet involved!  Have your kids read to their pets, siblings, dolls, or stuffed animals!  Then, it becomes a game and will be something that they look forward to each day.  

Special Reading Spot

I have talked in a previous blog about having a special place for writing.  The same is true for reading.  Designating a special spot where kids can read alone, with their parents, or with other family members is a great way to create a distraction-free zone and reinforce how important reading is.  This special spot should be free from anything that could distract the young reader.  No extraneous noise, toys, electronics, etc.  Deck it out with a comfy chair and some pillows in the corner of a room and surround the area with their favorite books. 

Books, Books, and More Books!

Research shows that the number of books in a home is a strong indicator of future reading achievement.  When kids have access to books at home, they become familiar with the act of reading at an early age, which will give them a head start in learning.  It is a proven fact that kids that read books have books read to them every day, or watch their family members reading have a major advantage compared to those who never read at home or have not been introduced to reading early.  Just being exposed to books at an early age makes a huge difference in a child’s literacy development.  

In closing, establishing a sustainable reading routine is incredibly important for turning our kids into lifelong readers.  I hope that you find success with the three ideas described above!  Happy Reading!