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Close the Learning Gap

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As parents, we want the best for our children.  We want them to succeed with academics, sports, social skills, and everything in between.  The years spent in kindergarten through 12th grade are the most important educational years for our children.  Over the past few years, many school districts have reported that there has been a significant increase in learning loss. If your child is falling behind in school or if they need an additional challenge, live online tutoring is a great option.

Online tutoring can be a fast and effective option for families and schools that need flexibility.  Let’s take a look at ways online tutoring can support learners and bring them back up to grade level (or beyond)!

Most commonly, learning loss happens over long breaks, such as summer break.  This is where the term “summer slide” comes from.  After being out of school for a few weeks, students lose skills that they practiced so hard to acquire.  This not only happens with summer break, but winter break as well.  Top this with an ongoing pandemic and off/on remote learning, this can really add up.

Online tutoring can provide so many benefits.  Tutors can provide teaching which is targeted towards individual skill development.  Online teachers can also adapt the lesson material from session to session to fill in any learning gaps.  This is not always the case in the regular classroom.  Additionally, consistent learning sessions can promote a strong positive bond.  This is a great way to build up social/emotional skills and set goals.  Virtual learning can also be a cost-effective method and save families time and money.  All students need is a computer/tablet and a good Wi-Fi connection!

During the pandemic, many parents have had to assume the role of a classroom teacher.  Parents not only are trying to juggle their own jobs, but do something they are not trained to do.  This is where a virtual teacher can provide a real solution for parents.  Parents can choose to introduce their child to a virtual teacher and make it a part of their weekly routine.  With short, consistent sessions, students will make quick progress without the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Remember that we are still offering a free assessment for any students who are interested in learning more about our program!  Please contact us if you are looking for support with your child’s academic needs.