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Building Relationships…Virtually!

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Relationships are IMPORTANT!

As an elementary teacher in a public school, one of my favorite aspects of the job was truly getting to know my students. Each year, I welcomed a new group of students with eager and open arms. I couldn’t wait to discover their unique interests, likes, dislikes, and learning styles. I watched and listened intently to my students to make discoveries and used this to adapt my instruction. Martin learns best sitting criss-cross applesauce on the rug. Let’s move him there for this activity… Jade learns best when communicating with others, so I’ll be sure to give her a little extra time when explaining her answer. Our class was a puzzle – each child a unique puzzle piece fitting together to create our class makeup. 

It was evident, year after year, that building a strong relationship with each student was essential to their academic success. This led to fun and engaging learning experiences and a community built upon trust and companionship. This is when the magic happened: students felt safe taking academic risks and took pride in their abilities.

Building Relationships with Exceed in Learning

As a parent exploring online learning options for your child, you may be wondering if your son or daughter can build these incredibly important relationships with Exceed in Learning teachers. I can assure you that while online learning is different than in person learning, the strong connection and ability to build relationships between student and teacher is absolutely still there. 

As an online teacher, it is still one of my favorite parts of the job! I thoroughly enjoy getting to know each child and discovering how I can best help them. The situation with online learning is special because we can focus even more on individually building a relationship with each student, then use that relationship to better our online instruction.

There are many benefits to learning and growing with Exceed in Learning.

  1. We offer one-to-one classes, where your child has our undivided attention for the entire class period. Whether it is a 30-minute long class, an assessment, or an hour-long class – we are here to teach, inspire, and motivate them. We want the very best for each child!
  1. We are also here for you, parents. The relationship we have with you is essential as well. When your child is given one of our data-driven assessments, we will provide you with the evaluation details and how we plan to move forward with individually tailored lessons. We are always just an email away if you have any questions.
  1. We create lessons individually for your child. Using your child’s interests, we design lessons that will be more interesting and engaging to them. Higher engagement leads to a deeper understanding, which leads to academic success!
  1. We are flexible. We listen to your children and adapt instruction, as needed. This is certainly not a one-size-fits-all way of learning. We are able to create comfortable and safe learning environments, where your child can feel confident and grow!

Be confident that when choosing Exceed in Learning as your partner in education, we are here to provide exceptional services to help your child in a variety of ways. We can’t wait to make an impact!