January 2022 - Exceed in Learning


January 2022
Kids Watching Tv
We all know that we are living in the digital era.  Our daily lives revolve around so much technology – computers for work, our phones for messaging, ordering dinner through DoorDash, watching a show on Netflix, shopping on Amazon – so much of our lives now depend on these devices.  It makes sense that the...
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Subtraction is a concept that is such a struggle for some students.  As a teacher and a parent, we have always taught the standard subtraction algorithm just like what you see in the picture below. This process is easy for some students, but extremely daunting for others.  I can remember working with students on this...
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Decodable Books
Decodables… you may ask… what are those?  Decodable books are short and simple books that focus on a particular phonetic pattern or word family.   Each book uses these sounds with different words to give students practice with a new sound.  For example, a beginner decodable book may focus on long A words that are...
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Girl With Headphones
As parents, we want the best for our children.  We want them to succeed with academics, sports, social skills, and everything in between.  The years spent in kindergarten through 12th grade are the most important educational years for our children.  Over the past few years, many school districts have reported that there has been a significant...
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