October 2021 - Exceed in Learning


October 2021
Counting Candy
Can you believe Halloween is just right around the corner?  What an exciting time for children and parents alike.  This is a great time to work off of children’s excitement and use this towards learning math.  There are so many opportunities to incorporate Halloween-themed activities at home.  This may help concepts stick better, since the...
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Blending Ladder
When beginning readers first start on their literacy journey, phonemic awareness is the first step towards this goal.  A strong understanding of phonemic awareness will ultimately lead towards reading acquisition.  You may be asking yourself, what about phonics?  By definition, phonics is the way we use symbols to represent sounds.  In the English language, some...
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Place Value
Place value… this is a skill that is so crucial for a solid math foundation.  Place value is taught from kindergarten all the way up through 5th grade in the elementary years.  If you take a look at the Common Core standards, the category “Numbers and Operations” are in every grade level. Understanding place value becomes...
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Child Reading With Mom
There are many components that are addressed under the umbrella of reading.  Phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, and comprehension are usually the main components that are rigorously addressed in school.  There is one area, fluency, that usually gets overlooked.  Many times, teachers and parents are so focused on word recognition and comprehension, that fluency is not...
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