September 2021 - Exceed in Learning


September 2021
Most people think that picture books are for subjects such as reading, science, social studies… you know, the subjects that don’t involve numbers.  There actually are picture books out there for virtually any subject, even math.  Picture books are a great way to make math come alive in a way that is engaging for children....
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Every parent wonders when they should introduce letter names to their child.  Should children learn their letters in pre-school when learning the traditional ABC song or should it be during phonics instruction?  Timing of letter introduction is important, but figuring out *when* that time is, can be tricky.  This timing is based more on the...
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Spelling Pictures
One challenge of the English language is spelling out words with alternate spellings.  Sure, there are many words that can be phonetically spelled out.  However, some of the 44 English sounds have as many as 12 different ways to spell them!  Let’s take a look at how you can help your child spell words that...
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Mental Math Pic
If a child has math facts memorized early on in elementary school, this adds a tremendous advantage to their learning.  When children are able to add and subtract basic math facts fluently, this will help them with more advanced concepts.  Beyond memorizing, understanding mental strategies will help improve their self-confidence.  Let’s take a look at...
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