August 2021 - Exceed in Learning


August 2021
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Subitizing – What is this word?  As an upper elementary teacher, this was a word that was not in my teaching repertoire.  In grades 3, 4, and 5, we were more focused on multiplication, division, fractions, etc.  However, after looking into this, I can see how this “subitizing” concept could have helped some of my...
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Children Learning
Independent learning is a skill that means something different for everyone, depending on their age and experiences.  This kind of unassisted learning is something that happens with infants all the way up through the elderly population.  Every year, your child starts fresh by entering a new grade and a new environment for learning.  Classroom education...
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Math Symbols
As adults, we understand the importance of drawing a visual to help us understand complex ideas.  The same idea is used by teachers, elementary through high school.  Many teachers/parents continue to use drawings with their students/children to enhance their math instruction.  Our students and children can get excited about math with pictures and visuals.  We...
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