November 2020 - Exceed in Learning


November 2020
Parent Teacher Conferences
Does anyone else get nervous before parent-teacher conferences? Is it just me? Walking into a parent-teacher conference feels a little bit like walking into the lion’s den. Here’s the thing…I’m the teacher. Yea…it’s hard on all of us. I am the teacher, but I am also a parent. And I know the stress from both...
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Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear and manipulate sounds. Phonemic awareness is very important. When kids learn to read, they need to have a good understanding of how spoken sounds go together to form words. One thing to know is that phonemic awareness is not phonics. Think of phonemic awareness as sounds and phonics...
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Sight Words 2
Why are sight words important? Is memorizing words as good as learning to read with phonics? The thing is, most sight words are phonetic words. The only reason that we teach sight words as words known by sight is because most students haven’t learned enough phonics skills to be able to read these words when...
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